Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I watched a "true crime documentary" the other night called Talhotblond. Uh... yikes. This was NSFL. I don't know why it was so scary to me. One thing is that I hate when things are narrated by the dead person. There is one show on the Investigation Discovery channel (god I love that channel) where the episodes are narrated by the dead person. I find it tacky and disturbing at the same time. Sadly this was narrated by the dead person, so I didn't like that aspect at all. Also, the production quality was horrible. But it was mostly the story itself that was really scary to me - and the fact that it really happened. Basically (spoilers): A 40-something guy (married w kids) pretended he was an 18 yr old marine sniper and started talking to an 18 yr old girl in a chat room. They ended up getting into a relationship (there is nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than reading transcripts of people's chat-sex guys, seriously, yuck) but then called it off because his wife found a package the girl sent that included her panties and sent the girl a letter being like, dude you are sexting an old man, so then the girl started a relationship with the guy's coworker who she knew from the chatroom and who was was ACTUALLY 18 and got him to "mess with" the old guy by saying shit about him at work like that he was macking on an 18 yr old and so the old guy threatened to the girl that he was going to kill her new boyfriend. And then he did. By shooting him in the head, sniper-style. (That's the short version.)

And after all that I was like, uh, ew, creepy story. But then the dead narrator said, "I'm just glad I wasn't alive to see what happened next."

I know how the guy feels. Basically it ended up that the 18 yr old girl ("Jessi") was actually a 45 yr old married woman. Who had an 18 yr old daughter. Named Jessi. Who she was pretending to be. And who she covertly took sexually explicit upskirt type pictures of to send to all these guys (like 10 different guys, guys... beware, you may be one of them). So not only did she fuck with the murderer guy, but she also basically stood by and watched while he threatened to murder, and then murdered, an 18 yr old guy over this 18 yr old girl WHO DIDN'T EVEN EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE. Not to mention the damage she did to her own family, especially the real Jessi. Oh, and side note, apparently according to the woman's son, she is back to spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer.

I feel like I'm never going to get over having watched this. People are fucked up. I'm gonna go smash my computer, later dudes.