Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 10 Woody Allen Films

1. Annie Hall
2. Annie Hall
3. Annie Hall
4. Annie Hall
5. Annie Hall
6. Annie Hall
7. Annie Hall
8. Annie Hall
9. Annie Hall
10. Annie Hall

I love Woody Allen, but I especially love Annie Hall. I don't think it's overrated, and I hate when people disparage it. (I have heard people say it's overrated or too much of a romcom or something. Fuck off.) And so to show my support, I have made my top 10 list. All of his other movies that I've seen get an honorable mention, with special prominence given to Manhattan and Hannah & Her Sisters. I haven't seen one I don't like yet. (Although Melinda & Melinda is not one I'd probably watch again.) I keep coercing people into watching Match Point. I don't know why anyone hates on that one either. Anyway, there you have it.

In a race against time to finish a lit review tonight. After that I will post more. Although there's no keeping up with all of your Facebook posts! Jeez. :)

Ben - after I finish this lit review I'm playing Settlers of Catan with some friends. Thought you'd appreciate that!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We are marshall

Hey yo, just procrastinating from writing a paper. Sorry, a little off-topic, but I forgot that I watched WE ARE MARSHALL the other night. It was just ok I thought. Pretty much your basic sports underdog story, based on a true story. The whole thing looked like an Instagram photo. I guess that was kind of cool. But I was kind of wavering on the movie the whole way through, and then a sappy montage at the end just put it over the top for me. Even though I'm not really into sports, I can get into a good sports movie/show... but this one was not my favorite. It made me want to watch some Friday Night Lights. I think Matthew McConaughey gave a good performance though. But need I say it? Shoulda been the Gos.


Self-indulgent and pretentious!!... Adrienne you rock. A similar reaction from me did almost get me kicked out of this Malick-obsessed film club -- but don't worry, they never officially pulled the plug. (However, they have threatened to throw me in the gorges in Ithaca... fair warning in case you ever make the trip to see something with them at Cinemapolis.)

I've been loving all of your lists. Hopefully I'll have some time to respond soon. I think I'm going to do the same type of 2011 list Adrienne did. You guys know it's always hard for me to rank things in a top 10... these kinds of categories might work better for me. It's going to be a little while though, because I have big stuff due tomorrow and Friday. Maybe this weekend. Although there are a LOT of 2011 films I haven't seen... so I might try to watch a few more before I do it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


-I have really loved reading everyone's 2011 year-in-review posts. :) You guys are the greatest.
-I still haven't seen DRIVE. Ben I liked your comment about the film version of a Chuck P. novel. I have to say I am a fan of the two I've seen (FIGHT CLUB and CHOKE)... but if you meant the novels themselves, I would have to agree. ;) But either way it was a great comment, it made me laugh.
-I'm still getting used to the whole capitalizing movies thing, but I promise I will get the hang of it in 2012.

Black Swan 2

Jason - I feel your pain about the lack of responses... Usually people don't respond to mine because I watch weirdo indie movies and documentaries, so it doesn't really bother me because I bring that on myself. ;) I did want to respond to your BLACK SWAN post, but I haven't had time because I have a bunch of homework I have to get done before winter break is over (!). But the short version is that I think we watch movies kind of similarly in general, and not surprisingly I had a very similar reaction to BLACK SWAN that you did. I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one with the emotional reaction to it. It was kind of hard for me to articulate my feelings about it right after watching it, which is what I tried to do -- I think I wrote my post the same night. But I remember just being like, how can I even write something about this? I was talking to some people about it last week actually, recommending it to them, and I have to say that even now I have trouble articulating why I had such a strong reaction to it. I remember saying that I loved it and at the same time it made me want to puke. Now in hindsight, I just loved it, period. I continue to love it more as time goes by... I'm hankering for a second watch of it actually. I also regret that I didn't get to watch the special features, because I would have liked to have seen those interviews. Maybe soon.

Brandon - I can see what you're saying about the movie not needing the stuff like the mirror scene. This will surprise you considering my NSFL troubles but I actually thought they were totally in place in the movie, I guess maybe because I was empathizing with the character's crazy and I could totally see her picturing those things happening (regardless of whether they did), and I thought it kind of needed to be that scary and gimmicky because things actually can be like that in our heads. (At least in my head.) On a separate note, I thought what you were saying about the people in the theater was interesting (I thought that in the Midnight in Paris discussion too). I totally think that the context of the viewing experience can ruin a movie, or at least totally alter your experience/opinion of it. Especially like you said one that has those moments where you KNOW it's going to be sexual or violent or whatever, and you know the bozos in front of you are going to make another stupid comment. I get a little sensitive about seeing certain movies in theaters (or with certain people) for that reason. It's also kind of why I told the friends I was talking to last week NOT to watch BLACK SWAN with their parents. I actually think the awkwardness of that could just ruin the movie altogether.

Welcome Adrienne! Now I'm not the only girl in film club. :) I don't know if you heard but there used to be a No Girls Allowed sign.