Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 10 Woody Allen Films

1. Annie Hall
2. Annie Hall
3. Annie Hall
4. Annie Hall
5. Annie Hall
6. Annie Hall
7. Annie Hall
8. Annie Hall
9. Annie Hall
10. Annie Hall

I love Woody Allen, but I especially love Annie Hall. I don't think it's overrated, and I hate when people disparage it. (I have heard people say it's overrated or too much of a romcom or something. Fuck off.) And so to show my support, I have made my top 10 list. All of his other movies that I've seen get an honorable mention, with special prominence given to Manhattan and Hannah & Her Sisters. I haven't seen one I don't like yet. (Although Melinda & Melinda is not one I'd probably watch again.) I keep coercing people into watching Match Point. I don't know why anyone hates on that one either. Anyway, there you have it.

In a race against time to finish a lit review tonight. After that I will post more. Although there's no keeping up with all of your Facebook posts! Jeez. :)

Ben - after I finish this lit review I'm playing Settlers of Catan with some friends. Thought you'd appreciate that!