Thursday, May 31, 2012

Direct from the Gorges

I've seen a few movies recently --finally!-- and it's finally summer. So here goes:

HUNGER GAMES: While this was entertaining, I think it was a serious miss in terms of character development and in the fact that it de-emphasized the violence and class differences portrayed in the books which to me was what made the story at all interesting.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT: Awesome! How had I not seen this before?

DISTRICT 9: I realllllly liked this. Did any of you? I'm sure you've already had a discussion about it - I'm a little behind the times. I loved the documentary style of this. The CGI left something to be desired. But I loved the apartheid parallel here, it was pretty powerful to me. Also, I thought the ending was fantastic. I'd put money on the fact that you guys disagree.

CADDY SHACK: Yes, I just saw this for the first time. Hilarious. What more can be said?

BLUES BROTHERS: I loved the musical performances in this. Everything else I could do without.

THE LAST WALTZ: Loved it. But it was a band documentary/concert, what can you really say?

A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN IN DINOSAUR HELL: This was... indescribable? Not porn. Which was kind of disappointing to be honest. I watched it with some friends. It was absolutely horrible. It's a Troma film, which didn't mean anything to me but probably means something to you guys. Definitely could have used more sex, is all I'm saying.

And a few documentaries... PAGE ONE: INSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES (interesting... David Carr is insane); DOCTORS' DIARIES (I really liked this, it followed people from the beginning of medical school to like 10 or 20 years after or something to see what they ended up doing with their lives); AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: The GREELY EXPEDITION (yikes... cannibalism); AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: LBJ (one of the best and most depressing and most touching things I've ever watched).

I also rewatched THE OTHERS (still love it) BRIDESMAIDS (still liked it, sorry Brandon), ZODIAC (still fantastic), DEAD POETS' SOCIETY (still makes me cry) and FOLLOWING (sorry guys).

I have quite a few of your posts to catch up on...