Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super 8

I know, I'm the worst... I have been reading all your posts but I haven't been watching any movies to post about. PhD programs are hard, dude. But here I am, for fear that posting less than Jason is going to get me thrown into a gorge or over a riverbank or whatever it is you crazy kids are going to do. I took a break the other night with my friend to go see Super 8. I don't remember at this point what you guys said about, but here are my thoughts. I really liked the "period" feel of it - I was really getting into the time and place and I thought they did such a great job setting the scene. I would say that's definitely one of J. J. Abrams' strengths. I also thought the kids were totally awesome -- they absolutely made the entire movie. I think the monster/alien guy was pretty cheesy (and was kind of disappointed that that's what it ended up being), and I also think the plot kind of fell apart like 2/3 of the way through the movie and totally collapsed at the end. But all that being said, I actually really liked it, I would definitely watch it again. Also, after the movie, the projectionist let my friend and I come into the booth and watch him load the next film. It was really fun. Love you all, I promise I will post more!